Sky Jaguar

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Product number RC8006
Original Game Konami
Platform ColecoVision
Number of Players 1
Cartridge Size 32K
Package Design Dale Crum
Manual Text Jess Ragan
Release Date March 2004

Opcode Games and Konami have come together to bring you Sky Jaguar, a challenging, fast-paced shooter unlike anything you've seen on the ColecoVision game system! When a weakened and vulnerable Earth is invaded by the vicious Zephyr army, the planet's only hope is a fleet of powerful ships, the Sky Jaguars. It'll take sharp reflexes and amazing skill to survive the Zephyrians' unrelenting assault... can you last long enough to discover and destroy the enemy's hidden headquarters?
  • A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game.
  • Designed by the creators of the long-running Gradius series.
  • Intense and challenging gameplay.
  • Power ups and hidden items add to the fun.
Sky Jaguar includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

Sky Jaguar 1984 Konami Industries, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED