Road Fighter

Product Code RC8008
Original Game Konami
Platform ColecoVision
Number of Players 1
Cartridge Size 32K
Package Design Vu Ha and Dale Crum
Manual Text Jess Ragan
Release Date January 2008

Open the throttle all the way on your CUSTOM ROAD FIGHTER! Pedal to the metal, challenge world-class rival drivers to the finish line in a whirlwind road race full of action and excitement!
  • A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game.
  • Fast and furious racing game. Learn to control a skidding car to avoid crashes. Keep track of your fuel level.
  • Race throught 6 different sceneries, including desert, beach, bridge and snow.
  • New arcade ending intermission not found in MSX version.
  • Two challenging levels.
Road Fighter includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

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Road Fighter 1985 Konami Industries, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED